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AIDA, un asistente de inteligencia artificial para diagnosticar lesiones gastricas antes de desarrollar cáncer gástrico

AIDA aims to develop and validate a multidisciplinary AI-powered assistant that will support clinicians in gastric cancer prevention by diagnosing precancerous gastric-inflammation and suggesting personalised therapeutics and monitoring.

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How it works

Data and AI-based solutions enable a shift in this disease management.

AIDA is a four-year project, launched in January 2023 and is supported by over 7 million euros between European and British funding.

The project is led by Tania Fleitas, a Scientific Researcher at INCLIVA. It encompasses a multidisciplinary consortium that includes some of the leading European authorities on gastric inflammation and cancer, experts in bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, as well as specialists in data governance and privacy. Additionally, representatives from the public administration and patient advocates are also part of the consortium.


January 2023


€ 7 Mil


48 Months

12 Partners

8 Countries

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Thank you for joining us at the AIDA Webinar: Fighting against Helicobacter Pylori: Experience Based on 10 Years of the HpEuReg. Your presence and active participation made the event a resounding success.

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Aida will take 4 years of implementation where we will work on project management, validation, optimisation and improvements and finally communication, in terms of education and exploitation of the project impact.


We envision a new form of collaboration, beyond the public-private partnership model, in which participants from different countries or sectors exchange their data to create public value.

Data collaboratives form a sustainable answer to the problem that collaborative research and clinical innovation are generally limited to local, fragmented of limited quality, and research is progressing through ad-hoc collaborations on specific projects.

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