Erasmus Medical Center of Rotterdam

The Department of public health of Erasmus MC is a world leader in decision models for the evaluation of cancer screening interventions. Research results in the field of harms/benefits and cost-effectiveness have had a direct impact on the national cancer screening programmes in the Netherlands, the United States Preventive Services Task Force recommendations for various cancer screenings and international screening programs and guidelines.
The Gastroenterology Department has excelled in high-quality research on gastric cancer for many years. In recent years, the department has worked on investigating factors associated with the progression of gastric intestinal metaplasia.
The PROREGAL study (Progression and Regression of Precancerous Gastric Lesions) was initiated in 2009 and is an ongoing prospective cohort study in six hospitals (one academic, five regional) in the Netherlands and one regional hospital in Norway. The cohort includes 308 patients with premalignant gastric lesions with a median follow-up (FU) time of 48 months. For each surveillance endoscopy, clinical Information, endoscopic data, and pathology data are available. The results of this study and the underlying data will be made available to AIDA.


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