INCLIVA is a research institute based in Valencia (Spain) equipped with all the facilities for Phase I–III clinical trials and bringing together specific out-patient clinics, laboratories, biobank, and experienced staff in clinical studies.
INCLIVA’s biobank is a public, non-profit biological sample and data repository. Its main purpose is to facilitate, promote and conduct scientific research by providing high-quality biomedical research samples and data. It provides support to researchers with a yearly average of 700 new cases, 2,200 processed samples from the oncological, immunological, and cardiovascular medical units, blood samples, and 10,000 stored aliquots.
INCLIVA’s infrastructure also comprises the Precision Medicine Lab, which provides high-quality molecular tests with rapid turn- around times to researchers and physicians, undertaking large-scale disease-related projects and developing new omics resources for the community. Furthermore, the Bioinformatics Lab provides services to analyse and manage different omics data, mainly from the Next-Generation Sequencing platforms, which provide both basic data processing and customised data analyses, according to individual project needs. These teams have consolidated experience in genetic and genomic studies, and different multi-omics approaches, including experts with skills in bioinformatics and computer sciences.
The centre has been recently involved in diverse national and international projects in the field of gastric pre-cancerous lesions and gastric cancer, including MoTriColor (Molecularly guided trials with specific treatment strategies in patients with advanced newly molecular defined subtypes of colorectal cancer, H2020 635342, 2015-2019), LEGACy (CELAC and European consortium for a personalised medicine approach to Gastric Cancer, H2020 825832, 2019-2022), TFK-2018 PROJECT (Macrophages associated with tumour, tumour angiogenesis and resistance to therapies in Diffuse Mesenchymal phenotype Gastric Cancer, ISC III PI2018/01805, 2019-2022), VERO (Valor pronóstico y predictivo de respuesta del microambiente del cáncer gástrico en pERsonas jOvenes, GEMCAD, 2022-2024), TFK-2021 PROJECT (Immune biomarker profiling as a tool to identify gastric cancer patients subsidiary of immunotherapy, PI21/00693, 2022-2024), or MyPath (Improved supportive, palliative, survivorship and end-of-life care of cancer patients, Horizon Europe 101057514, 2022-2027).
Finally, INCLIVA is linked to the University Clinic Hospital of Valencia, both administrative and physical, with the INCLIVA facilities placed right next to the Hospital ones.


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