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The Pan-European Registry on H. pylori management (Hp-EuReg) is a project promoted by the European Helicobacter Study Group and was set up to collate data regarding the diagnosis, treatment and management of H. pylori-infected adult patients. The Hp-EuReg is a prospective study registering the routine clinical practice of around 300 clinicians/investigators across 29 countries currently. The Hp-EuReg protocol poses no restriction on the type of treatments or patients included. The wide scope and openness of the protocol have created a very heterogeneous database that must be monitored and validated. This implies systematic, continuous and rigorous following and reviewing of data entry. The Hp-EuReg is a powerful tool:
♦ It is the largest cohort worldwide collecting information on H. pylori management
♦ It has a validated and simple ‘open-architecture’ structure where data can be easily collected, stored and analysed
♦ It has high international recognition with over 10 prizes awarded by the UEG and the EHMSG, and over 25 high-impact publications contributing to the implementation of clinical guidelines
♦ It has an extensive network of gastroenterologists across Europe and third countries
The project has been ongoing since 2013 and has been renewed with no definite end. The main objective is to allow the evaluation of many factors involved in H. pylori eradication, which is directly related to the decrease in the incidence of gastric cancer and other associated gastrointestinal diseases. More information on this project can be found at: www.hpeureg.com.


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